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STEP 1 - CHOOSE YOUR DIAMOND Information about diamond shapes

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STEP 2 - CHOOSE YOUR RING DESIGN Information about ring designs

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Round shape
The most popular diamond shape. With 58 facets, round diamonds are cut for sparkle.
Princess shape
With 76 facets, straight edges and right angled corners, princess cut diamonds are the second most popular shape.
Emerald shape
The 48 facets of emerald cut diamonds are arranged in a staircase arrangement, providing flashes of brilliance to the eye.
Marquise shape
With 56 facets and an elongated shape with pointed ends, marquise cut diamonds often provide a slimming effect to the finger.
Pear shape
With 58 facets and a single point at one end, pear cut diamonds are often also called the 'teardrop' shape.
Oval shape
With 56 facets, oval cut diamonds have similar sparkle and brilliance to round diamonds.
Heart shape
The ultimate symbol of love, heart cut diamonds are a relatively new addition to the market and have a total of 59 facets.
Palladium has a bright, white natural colour and is a member of the platinum family. UK hallmark 950.
18kt White Gold
At 75% pure gold, 18kt white gold is finished with rhodium plating which provides a highly polished chrome finish. UK hallmark 750.
18kt Yellow Gold
At 75% pure gold, 18kt yellow gold has a warm, classical finish. UK hallmark 750.
18kt Rose Gold
18kt rose gold has a reddish finish to the metal and is also often called pink gold. UK hallmark 750.
18kt Yellow Gold/950 Platinum Head
Combining a yellow gold shank with a platinum head is a popular new addition to the jewellery market. UK hallmark 750.
950 Platinum
At 95% pure, platinum is the purest of all precious metals, non-tarnishing, hard wearing and hypo-allergenic, making it ideal for engagement rings. UK hallmark 950.

Design Your Own Engagement Ring


DeJoria Interactive system enables you to browse, select, view on a 3D hand and purchase your perfect diamond ring all on this single page.

When you have completed all 3 steps, many of our rings are 3D enabled with DeJoria "REAL VISION" which shows a 3D animation on virtual hands on the right half of the screen above to demonstrate what the final diamond ring will look like on the finger.

If at any time, you need our help or guidance, please call us on 0845 355 1164 or email at info@dejoria.co.uk

Step 1: Choose your Diamond

We offer seven popular shapes of diamonds for your engagement ring . For details about diamond shapes, click on Further Information next to 'Choose Your Diamond'.

We can get any shape of diamond you may want, such as cushion cut and radiant cut, so please contact us if you want something not shown on our website.

Now Choose your Diamond

This is where you pick the type and size range of diamond you want and the DeJoria Interactive Diamond Search page lists available diamonds and their details.

The Interactive Search means you can check and select ethical diamonds from around the world from the comfort of your own home.

To view details of the ethical diamonds found simply hover your cursor over the list.

Step 2: Choose Your Ring Design

With over 50 popular and unusual ring designs available for different diamond shapes, we are sure you will find the ideal ring.

Click on Further Information next to 'Choose Your Ring Design' to see diamond setting types to help you choose a design. Use the to left / right arrows to reveal ring designs..

Choose your Metal

We offer the full range of precious metals, including:

  • Platinum (PLAT),
  • 18kt White Gold (WG),
  • 18kt Yellow Gold (YG),
  • 18kt Rose Gold (RG),
  • Palladium 18kt Yellow Gold with Platinum head

For info about metals, click Further Information on next to METAL.

Finger Size

If you don't know the finger size yet, select 'Don't know' in the drop down menu to proceed.

You can confirm the size later (click Further Information next to Size for info), it doesn't affect pricing too much and whilst trying to get a finger size secretly may sound like a daunting task, in reality it is easier than you might think and we are happy to give you tips that work, so please call us on 0845 355 1164.

Step 3 - Your Ring

Confirmation of your choices

You can now view your ring on screen by selecting 3D Hand or 3D 360, make further selections in the same way and purchase online or over the phone by calling us on 0845 355 1164 or email us at info@dejoria.co.uk and we'll get back to you.

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