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Diamond Blog

26 February 2010
The Procedure For Cleaning Diamond Rings
Posted By Richard Preece

Daily use and rough handling may leave your precious diamond ring looking lifeless and dull. These rings may also be subject to leftover residue of everyday products like creams, oil, lotions etc. A diamond’s brilliance and sparkling image depends on its ability to refract light. The beauty of a diamond ring gets hidden underneath the grime if it accumulates dirt.

You can retain its sparkling image by cleaning it at regular intervals. It can either be cleaned at home or at any jewellery store. If you prefer to clean diamond jewellery all by yourself then follow these instructions:


1) A small bowl filled with cleansing agent

2) A bowl of lukewarm water

3) A soft and gentle brush. A children’s toothbrush would be preferable

4) A soft and clean towel

5) A toothpick

The cleaning procedure to follow:

First of all, weaken the dirt and build-up by soaking the diamond ring in the bowl containing cleansing agent for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then use a toothbrush to scrub all the dirt accumulated on the diamond ring and then rinse it with the lukewarm water kept in the other bowl. After following these steps, if you notice debris build up then use a toothpick to get rid of it. Give a last rinse to the diamond ring and wipe it using a soft clean towel. You will see a sparkling diamond ring once again after following the cleansing procedure.

To maintain the sparkling image of your diamond ring do not wear it while applying hand creams, hair products etc.

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