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Diamond Blog

15 October 2008
The Importance Of Customer Service
Posted By Richard Preece

If you are buying a CD online, then the chances are that the "customer service" you receive isn`t great. But being as the item only cost you £9.99, you`re not really that bothered.

However, the very least you should expect when making a high value purchase is exceptional levels of customer service. Diamonds and engagement rings fall into this category.

At DeJoria, we have two primary objectives. Product quality and customer service. Both are equally as important as each other. In order to give customers the most positive buying experience of all - and let`s face it, businesses such as ours depend and rely upon customer recommendations - both need to exist side-by-side with each other.

So, why is customer service so important? Well, during the process of our customers researching diamonds and engagement rings, personal customer service enables potential customers to "pick our brains" about which diamond is best for them. The whole diamond buying "thing" can sometimes be a bit of a minefield and so we like to try to guide people through the process as much as possible. Of course, certain people prefer just to buy their diamond engagement ring online without using this one-to-one facility. It is, of course, a matter of each to their own.

After the purchase has been made, our high levels of customer service are also in evidence at the point of delivery. We ALWAYS make personal contact with each and every one of our customers at the point of dispatching the diamond ring to confirm all the delivery arrangements. Furthermore, the following day after dispatch, again we contact all our customers to ensure that they have received their package and that they are 100% pleased with their purchase.

But that is not where it ends.

Customer service is also important "post-sales", and this is where many companies fall down. Many diamond companies will sell you a diamond ring, yet get it, you are pleased and that is that. However, at DeJoria, we go the extra mile to provide you with an after-care sales service which is second to none in the industry. As part of our care programme, we provide a free ring re-sizing service and also a free diamond security check and professional re-polish every 18 months or so, to make sure that your engagement rings are as sparkling as the day you brought them.

So, if you encounter a company who`s customer service levels are less than impressive, avoid them, as they obviously don`t value your business.

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