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15 August 2008
Diamond Education - Pear Cut Diamonds
Posted By Richard Preece

Diamond Education - Pear Cut Diamonds

The technical name for pear cut diamonds are pear-shaped modified brilliant diamonds. Typically with 58 facets, pear cut diamonds are popular for solitaire diamond engagement rings and solitaire diamond pendants.

More than other fancy shaped diamonds, the Length to Width ratio is a matter of taste when it comes to pear shaped diamonds. The classical pear cut diamond Length to Width ratio, however, would have a Length to Width ratio of anywhere between 1.50:1.00 and 1.75:1.00.

~Not only is the Length to Width ratio important, but there are also other important factors to consider with pear cut diamonds . For example, a tip with insufficient girdle thickness presents durability problems, whilst an extremely thick girdle can cause difficulty in setting and hides weight. The bow-tie effect a dark area in the shape of a bow tie that occurs when the angles of the cut are not optimum visible in varying degrees in most pear cut diamonds, is inherent in the cut. If a bow tie is not exaggerated or particularly dark, it is generally not considered to be a problem.

For more information on pear cut diamonds, please visit our education page.

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