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02 August 2008
Can The Gap Between High Street Diamond Jewellers & Internet Diamond Jewellers Be Bridged?
Posted By Richard Preece

In a round about sort of way, this is a question we get asked all the time. Or, put another way, is it possible for me to view the diamond before purchasing it? There is no doubt that high street jewellers serve a purpose, whilst online retailers fill the other space in the market. However, there is - and, rightly so - a certain % of crossover between the two elements. We find that certain customers, typically the ladies, enjoy the experience of going to a high street jewellers and trying on pieces to find that elusive diamond (and sometimes even a free glass of champagne that they get as well!). On the other hand, the majority of online diamond shoppers tend to be male, who don't have much time on their hands, know that they want to buy a diamond engagement ring and know that they want best value possible at a great price....and this is where we come in. However, coming back to the crossover I mentioned previously. Shopping online at DeJoria doesn't necessarily mean that you are just looking at pictures.

As a team, we sat down to address the question above, and thought about how we could provide people with real-life examples of our designs prior to purchase. The first thing we did was take videos of all our designs of diamond engagement rings and some of our most popular diamond jewellery pieces and display these on the site. Therefore, not only are our visitors able to view the diamond rings in various rotations with static images, but now they can view a video which shows the complete 360 degree angles. At the same time, we launched our request a sample service, enabling visitors to ask us to send them a real life example of their chosen diamond ring mount. This sample is often made in silver and cubic zirconia so in monetary terms, it isn't worth a huge amount, but what it does provide is the opportunity for our visitors to "try on the ring" to check the design suits their needs. This is all well and good when it comes to the design. However, what about seeing the diamond I hear you ask? Well, being as the diamonds we use are all certified, you can tell a lot from the diamond certificate in terms of how it will sparkle. At the same time, we do offer people the opportunity to visit us here at our HQ in the West Midlands - an offer which many people take us up on, but whether this is to view their diamond or merely visit us to check we're not a bunch of internet cowboys remains in question! For larger diamonds, we do occasionally carry out diamond viewings at their home.

So, in answer to the question about whether we can bridge the gap between high street jewellers and online jewellers, the answer is yes.....well at least we can....but you can be sure that this isn't necessarily the case for ALL online e-tailers.

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